How to apply

We have an online application process:

  • Find a listing for an apartment you would like to apply to on our web page. The "View Listings" tab at the top of the home page will list all the units we currently have available. If no listings are posted, that means we do not have any available units to apply for at that time. Check back often though, as things can change fast!
  • Click on the “Apply Now” in the bottom corner of the listing you wish to apply for. This will take you to a secure https site where you can fill out the online application.
  • Be Prepared to upload & attach the following two documents at the end of the application;
  • A picture of a valid photo ID.  Examples of acceptable photo ID’s include a current state drivers license or state ID card or a passport.  Examples of what we DO NOT accept would be a school ID, ski pass or personal  photo.
  • Proof of Income.  Examples of what we accept for proof of income would include a RECENT pay stub that clearly shows your name and YTD (year to date) pay, a recent tax form that clearly shows your name and yearly income (please black out your social security number if using a tax form). If you are moving to Bozeman for a job, a job offer letter that states your future pay and term of employment (FT/PT seasonal/permanent).   Examples of what we DO NOT accept for proof of employment would include screenshots of bank statements or balances and screenshots of direct deposits into your bank account from your job, a picture of an actual check made out to you (we need the pay stub not the check) or a pay stub from a job you will no longer be employed at when you move to Bozeman.  
  • BE PREPARED TO ENTER UP TO DATE CONTACT INFORMATION for past landlords on the application.
  • Have your debit or credit card ready to pay the $35 fee payable via credit card at the end of the application.   The fee goes to the Experian credit/background check we perform on each applicant.  If you have FROZEN YOUR CREDIT please say so in the application.  You can request a temporary lifting of the freeze on your credit so we can run the credit check.   If we run your credit check and find that it was frozen we will need to request an additional $35 to run the check a second time once you have temporarily unfrozen it.

WHAT are the minimum requirements to be approved?

  • You have provided proof of combined total income at least three times the amount of rent for the unit you applied for.
  • Provided Residence History References showing no debts to landlords, no damage to unit etc.
  • Have a Credit History showing a history of making on time payments. We run an Experian double screen (credit and criminal background check) on all applicants.
  • If you are unable to meet the above requirements a Third Party Guarantor/co-signer or an adjustment to the Security Deposit may be needed.  PLEASE NOTE- a cosigner must submit THEIR OWN separate application as a cosigner.
  • Non Smoker (no smoking in or out of the apartment of anything)
  • No Pets
  • All applications (including cosigner applications) and supporting documents need to be submitted within one week from when the first applicant submits their application or the application will be denied.

WHAT are the characteristics of a good Third-Party Guarantor or Cosigner?

  • Income to support both themselves and the applicant.
  • Credit History showing ability to make payments.  No collections.
  • One Third-Party Guarantor may guarantee for more than one applicant.
  • Not a future co-tenant/roommate.

WHO needs to apply?

  • All Adults (including spouses)
  • All Minors who will be acting like adults
  • Anyone who will be signing the lease
  • All Third-Party Guarantors/Cosigners

HOW much does it cost?
$35 for each application and $35 for each third-party guarantee.

Apply Now

We're happy to help you make West Main Flats your new home. Click through to view the listings and see what's currently available. If you don't see anything that works for you, check back in a week—things can change fast! We don't have a waitlist, so it's best to check regularly.